Results 1 – 16 of 17 A Remedial English Grammar For Foreign Students. 1 January . An Outline History of the English Language. 21 September history and geography. For example, the fact that the English language (or its ancestor) was carried from the continent to the British Isles in the fifth century AD . Buy An Outline History of the English Language by Frederick PDF Online . ISBN from Laxmi Publications. Download Free Sample and.

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Here on the threshold we may rightly inquire what makes up the history of a language. Compare sing with finger.

An Outline History of the English Language : Frederick T. Wood :

Toward the last of the twelfth century literature lwnguage to appear in the Northern dialect. Such changes often occur in the language of children. Northern is not behind in number of writ- ings. The practice had been to use French as the school language. They had a high conception of woman.

The best example, because so spoken by all, is the former I machine before r, uistory in dear, fear. These included all but the smallest number of words.

That is, it was the language of all the people of England. The advance of English toward a national language was steady, as English and Normans became one people.

Full text of “An outline history of the English language”

This was called by them a hisfory alphabet, and each char- acter a rune. An f became m, as in woman, originally wif wife man. Learning language by imita- tion, the child is most strongly impressed languagw the common forms. I had become a diph- thong, still written i or y, but pronounced nearly as a artistic and i hit closely united.

In this time Southern English no longer held a place in writ- ing. Finally, the literature of England is read by many who do not speak the language.


Compare ‘ these kind of knaves. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The latter had lost its meaning and was modified to give it a like- ness to well-known words. This was a supposed instability of the standard language already in existence. It is connected with the political supremacy of Northumbria in the seventh century.

The bracketed vowels are new long sounds from short vowels. He notes that there was a certain languzge in not knowing French, ” and alnguage. Burns, too, has had no worthy suc- cessor, though dialect Scotch is still often written, especially in fiction. Within this country, however, the spoken language is more uniform among all classes than in Great Britain. The prefixes be- for- ge- like Ger- man ge-were never stressed, even in nouns and adjectives.

Here belong words like abolish, accus’tom. On the basis of the latter, especially, the numerous inflectional forms of older English have been reduced to a few simple forms.

An Outline History Of The English Language

Similar changes may take place in any period. This French of Paris, the capital, soon came to hold a position similar to that of London English. GewurSe Sin willa on heofone [Let] come thy kingdom. When used without a noun, as “he is fifteen’,” it takes stress on the last syllable. Oth- ers are not popular words, and so have not experi- enced the full force of the native accent.

In fact, most of the older inflectional system has passed wholly away. In Charles Butler published his English Gram- mar. Latha rated it did not like it Jul 27, The more common development is not easily indicated on the table. In this period, for the first time, could be prepared a grammar of standard English, rather than of Midland or Southern or Northern English. They retain stress on the last syllable, as ascertain’, disappear’; or the accent has shifted to the position of an original secondary stress.


For the first time, all usage other than that of the great writers was of small account. To fill the gaps thus- caused, new long a again developed from short a, and a new o from various sources, as languafe the words horse, law, cause.

The fusion of Lnguage and Normans was hastened by political changes.

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These are all important for the history of mediasval England. Usu- ally, at least, foreign words came in so gradually as to accommodate themselves to native sounds.

These, with ai my and au housewhich developed from long vowels, make up the four principal diphthongs of Modern English. Yet even Burns did not always use pure Scotch. The facts must be especially noted in connection with any attempt to trace a particular word through different periods.

In Mulcaster published his JElementarie, which supported the use of English instead of Latin, proposed a complete English dictionary, and prom- ised a grammar of the language. The Chronicle was continued at several places, but only one manuscript extends much beyond the Norman conquest. In English, with its fixed and unphonetic spell- ing, even written forms have affected pronuncia- tion, especially of learned words. A very small number had already been borrowed from the Romans.

The works of Sir Thomas Smith, a privy councilor, and of Bullokar have been men- tioned.