“Eversea is the kind of book you read with a carton of ice cream, to escape for a while and daydream for hours afterwards. It’s the kind of chick flick you’d watch. Book Review – Eversea (Eversea #1) by Natasha Boyd thousand people, the last person Keri Ann ever expected to meet was Jack Eversea. Johanne: The books by Natasha Boyd: Eversea & Forever, Jack. Also bought My Star, My Love which is a short story. It’s worth it too to stay.

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Keri Ann ButlerJack Eversea. The “hot Hollywood actor who escapes to a small nwtasha and falls for a local girl” is one of my favorite stories, be it in movie or book form.

Book Review – Eversea by Natasha Boyd

If you would like to read the full review, check this out: To me the story just seemed to end midway. A friendship ensues, secrets and moments are shared and their feelings take them both by surprise. I really love his character and how genuine and perfect he was in this book.

Including some of the characters. This was a light and enjoyable read where the main character Keri Ann waitress meets a runaway Hollywood megastar, Jack Eversea one night at her place of work. I wish the author was patient about it! One of those books that I want to re-read and I do not re-read books, well, almost never.

I might need to brush up on it before the spinoff comes out. I loved all the minor characters as well. She has the heart the size of the Pacific, and welcomes everyone with open arms. I was literally just there for Spring Break and adored this area that the author obviously loves. For some reason I need boyc clarify that I got this book from Amazon with my own money. Butler Cove, Book 1 Author s: Had I been singled out?


The fact he is kind of in a relationship with another movie star, Audrey nafasha me cringe a little. So sick if this book. I can’t believe it’s written by the same author that wrote Accidental Tryst. But of course, things have to change natashaa both worlds collide. I am kicking myself however bc it’s a cliffhanger and I see no date for book 2.

Eversea (Butler Cove, #1) by Natasha Boyd

Want to Read saving…. And so many more giggles!! Sembra che i due siano solo attratti, schiavi dei propri ormoni, e i sentimenti non vengano nemmeno presi in considerazione.

Jun 10, Becky Ellis rated it it was amazing. Kari Ann’s world is changed when Jack Eversea, a big-time movie star, temporarily moves into town while trying to get away from his cheating movie-star girlfriend. However, for me it was taken too far in this story. The book is about Kari Ann, a small-town waitress living in a dilapidated old house.

He has commitments, and whether he wants to or not, he cannot just give up his old life. The thoughtfulness of these two was what really endeared me to them.

But despite that there was a definite undertone of angst because throughout the whole book, you just KNEW that at the end of it, he would have to return to Hollywood and would have to go back to at least pretending to be with another woman. This book is escapism at its very best.

So when I have characters who think, think, think things through, I often want to shake them and say “Enough already! La scrittura dell’autrice, la protagonista e pure Jack.

Butler Natashz 5 books. Well, he finds it but then…the end of this book just wrecked me. Jack bogd my scarf from its loosely wound place at my neck. He is our dark, handsome, mysterious type of man. What is so special about her?


She has several “OMG fangirl” moments but soon discovers that he is just a regular guy looking to stay under the radar. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jack agrees to help Kari Ann with her home restoration. Grrr, I can’t believe I have to wait until Fall to find out what happens next!!

When Jack and Keri Anne meet, they strike up a quick friendship and partnership. Second, I thought the book was going to be in the same line of The Love Unscripted series, but I was wrong. Eventually it gets too much, and when Jack starts showing an interest beyond the trade-for-services friendship they have going on, Keri Ann feels herself being consumed by Jack the man, and not the actor as she finally starts to disconnect the two.

The inky prospects are the local pastor’s son and her older brother’s best friend from high school. This book pulled me into it’s arms immediately. Published June 5th first published June 4th Eversea, by Natasha Boyd 2 4 Dec 29, Jack hopes the sultry southern heat in this tiny coastal Lowcountry town will hide him not only from the tabloids and his cheating girlfriend, but his increasingly vapid life and the people who run it. It’s mainly all in Keri Ann’s thoughts. Seriously, the ending left me salivating, needing questions answered even more than I already hadand wanting to snuggle like a kitten on Keri Ann’s lap.

Crazy For NA Books: Definitely worth the read.