Vigilanza Privata Servizi Fiduciari CCNL Accordo 22 Sei Un Lavoratore Di Un’impresa Di Pulizia, Servizi Integrati/multiservizi? Il Fondo ASIM. TUTTI IN CLASSE Corso di aggiornamento per responsabili amministrativi e finanziari di cooperative di servizi di media dimensione. cHAPTER 0 Introduction Hera Group Consolidated Financial Report as .. da Hera Spa MARCHE MULTISERVIZI Spa 44,62% MMS Ecologica Srl the salary raises provided for by the national labour agreement (CCNL).

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Porter and Kramer, in a well-known article published inassert jultiservizi companies can create Shared value with policies and practices that reinforce their own competitiveness, meeting at the same time the needs of local communities and the challenges faced by society. Hera’s multi-utility activities are strongly integrated within the socio-economic fabric of the areas in which it operates, and at present the company can already multiservkzi evidence of a significant amount of Shared value expressed through services, multiserviz intended for the region and industrial projects.

The figures expressing a portion of the year’s EBITDA represent the amount of industrial income that can be directly attributed to the Group’s activities and linked to the total economic value mulyiservizi to stakeholders in the regions in which it operates.

The UN’s agendawith its 17 objectives for sustainable growth, represents a reference framework for enterprises that are called to “adopt sustainable practices and integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle”. The Group, in the first half ofshowed a good degree of overall growth: From a financial point of view as well, positive results emerged: Financial markets showed generally increasing quotations in the first half ofbolstered by a gradual improvement in prospects for economic growth and a fall in political risk in Europe following the defeat of populist movements in the Dutch and French elections.

This trend was sustained among other things by the new business plan topublished in mid-January, and the growing annual and first-quarter financial results, published in late March and mid-May respectively. On 19 June, following the indications provided in the business plan, Hera paid a dividend of 9 cents per share, the fifteenth in an uninterrupted and rising series since the Group was first listed.

At 30 June, the corporate multiservizu included On 23 June, respecting the terms of the Agreement, 13 Municipality Shareholders sold, in a coordinated and transparent way, through an accelerated book building operation, approximately The placement led to a rise in 22013 stock, with clear benefits for trade liquidity.

At the end of the first half, Hera held In the period under review, Hera’s senior management engaged in an intense dialogue with investors, with its business plan road show in the first quarter and its participation in sector conferences in the second.

Diversity management, for Hera, means bringing out the unique contribution coming from each employee.

Diversity involving gender, culture, origin and age is now universally recognised as a value and must therefore be managed as best as possible, without forgetting that promoting diversity must go hand in hand with the creation of shared value, because feelings of equality and inclusiveness on the workplace generate cooperative behaviour and promote an organisational coexistence that can only lead to better results.

In light of the importance the Group gives to supporting such values, the recognition bestowed on it on 30 June of the current year by Thomson Reuters is all the more significant. This important recognition arrived following a longstanding effort, which led Hera to sign the Charter for equal opportunities and equality in and to appoint a Diversity Manager in so as to further promote the development and circulation of corporate policies concerning inclusion and diversity valorisation.

Many innovative projects are sustained in the area, aimed at enhancing the potentiality of diversity across the board.

Among mulyiservizi, some of the more significant and innovative are the workshops dedicated to millennials who work in the Group, because they allow promising young people to fulfil their potential. This is done consistently with their training, their own individuality and the characteristics regarding diversity for which each of them stands out, and will allow them to translate into concrete action the ideas that take shape and are honed within these creative contexts.

Curriculum formazione SNS by Vittorio Serafini on Prezi

The most significant ideas that emerged from the think tank were reviewed with the help of qualified tutors and will be inserted within the business plan to The area Hera works in is not merely a geographic entity. Above all, it is a primary source of social and environmental wealth, to be respected and protected for the future. Accordingly, Hera is committed to responsibly managing natural resources, improving its results and adopting increasingly efficient technologies with low environmental impact.

In addition, Herambiente has ccnl ISO certification for some of its plants. The energy improvement plans of Hera Spa, AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi drawn up since as part of multixervizi energy management systems, include measures to implement in the three-year span of the management system.

These measures contribute to the goal of reducing energy consumption by 3. The objective is calculated as the average of the objectives that Hera Spa, AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi have defined as part of their certification schemes. In particular, the objectives of Hera Spa and Marche Multiservizi are calculated using their consumption as baseline while AcegasApsAmga considers the average of consumption and has set a reduction target of 3.


The measures already implemented by the end of have saved over 6, toe, 2. And starting inonly energy from renewable sources will be used for activities managed by Hera Spa in Emilia-Romagna. A first step toward the “carbon footprint zero” that places the Hera Group among the leaders in Italy in terms of saving energy resources and fighting climate change, able to anticipate and exceed the guidelines set by the National Energy Strategy, by the “Climate-Energy Package” and by the Agenda for sustainable development.

This important operation, which flanks the one brought to a conclusion in late involving Waste Recycling Castelfranco di Sotto, Pisais one of the ways in which the Group has broadened its activities over the last few years in order to arrive at industrial processes that are ever more sustainable and generate shared value. With the purchase of Aliplast, indeed, Hera is consolidating its own presence in the most complete and fully evolved form of plastic recycling.

The close loop concerns two kinds of materials: In the first case, packaging is collected directly from the industries that make use of it. Later, through a process that includes washing, crushing and extrusion, a new raw material is created, used by Aliplast itself to produce a regenerated polyethylene film which is perfectly suitable for industrial packaging. In the case of PET, the initial raw material consists of plastic bottles, which are collected, washed and crushed.

From the flakes that remain at the end of the final process, a compact sheet is obtained that, once thermoformed, can be transformed into packaging material that is once again suitable for contact with food.

Aliplast is marked above all by the extreme degree to which it represents the principles inspired by a circular economy: Thanks to its new purchase, Hera can give greater value to its own plastic waste, thus creating synergies in its logistic flows and its selection of materials, which are directly headed for recycling and transformation into new products, closing off an uninterrupted cycle of production.

The first half of saw significant progress made in projects inspired by the principles of a circular economy, aimed at biomethane production and increased efficiency in the water purifier sludge line, planning on which began in The plant will be able to treat thousand tonnes of organic waste and 35 thousand tonnes of pruning material from sorted waste each year.

Authorisation procedures for the new plant came to an end in Marchallowing the works to begin. They will continue over the course of the year with civic works and supplying the systems that make up the anaerobic digestion section, concluding cvnl when the biomethane will be injected into the Snam network.

The project, thanks to its use of the best technologies for treatment of the organic fraction, is already becoming a benchmark both nationally and worldwide.

Elenco leggi

Work continues, furthermore, on enhancing the efficiency of the sludge line in the Modena and Rimini urban waste water purifiers, with the intent of producing renewable energy and reducing the amount of sludge to be disposed. A dynamic sludge thickener is expected to be installed before the anaerobic digestion section, as well as a cogenerator, whose purpose will be to produce both electricity and heat from renewable sources, to be used for the plant.

In Modena authorisation procedures have been initiated, and will come to an end within the summer months, with the definitive plans for the intervention being completed in the meantime. Giustina RN a new thickener has been installed and maintenance work has been done on the third digester. Within the end of the year, two more thickeners will be installed and definitive planning will be completed for the recovery of biogas, as preparation for a possible request for authorisation.

In line with its sustainability policy, Hera Group promotes the consultation of financial reporting through the web. Therefore a HTML version of the interim report as at June 30, was designed, for an easy online reading. In particular, Ebitda rose by 7. The main corporate and business operations having an effect on the first half of are described below.

In order to respect sector regulations concerning unbundling, with effective date 1 July Hera Spa conferred its corporate branch dealing with electricity and gas distribution to Inrete Distribuzione Energia Spa. On 1 January Heratech Srl, a company that manages works requested by customers new connections, technical opinions, urbanisation, etc. It furthermore deals with planning and implementing plants and networks and other highly specialised technical activities, for both the Group and third parties.

The effect of applying this principle, which leaves the results unchanged, is that investments made in goods granted under concession, only including network services, are acknowledged in the income statement.

This being said, the Group has reformulated the income statement for the first six months ofas well as the balance sheet at 31 Decemberwith the same criterion described above, in order for the two periods to be correctly compared. In this regard, see also paragraph 2. These increases were only partially offset by a lower average presence. This growth in Ebitda can be ascribed to the good performance shown by all areas of the Group, but the energy areas in particular thanks to higher earnings in the sales business due to the new portions of the safeguarded and default markets.


Positive results were seen in the integrated water cycle and the waste area as well. Amortisations increased due to new investments in regulated businesses and the change in scope due to the companies of the Aliplast Group and the sales companies. Provisions for doubtful debts rose, in particular in the sales company Hera Comm Srl, owing to the tenders awarded for safeguarded customers.

The good performances were due to lower average debt and efficiency in rates obtained among other things thanks to the effects of the liability management operations set in place during Higher earnings involving recovery of default indemnities from safeguarded customers also had a positive impact on the results.

The reasons mltiservizi this decrease are mainly tied to a fall in the Ires rate, that went from Note furthermore the continuous commitment to obtaining all benefits recognised by law, in particular the tax credit for research and development, the increase in deductions for amortisations and the patent box. Net profits rose by This change is entirely due to the multiservizu of the shareholding in the Aliplast Group by the company Herambiente Spa.

Strong commitment continues in operating investments in plants 20133 infrastructures. At Group headquarters, investments in corporate buildings, IT systems and the vehicle fleet. At Group headquarters, investments concerned interventions on corporate buildings, IT systems and the vehicle fleet, as well as laboratories and remote-control structures.

An analysis of the results achieved by management in the various business areas in which the Group operates is provided below, including: After the second half ofthe Hera Group revised the arrangement of its own multi-business portfolio in order to improve and simplify financial reporting on its industrial structures: For a correct comparison with the current representation, the respective data has been reclassified.

The business areas affected multiseevizi Ifric 12 are: The new organisational and corporate configuration ensuing from the creation of Inrete Distribuzione Energia Spa multisrrvizi Heratech Srl has led to a different representation of personnel costs and operating costs within the various business areas, while remaining globally unchanged.

Elenco leggi – Cooperative Italiane

The gas area, at the end of the first half ofshowed growth over the same period of the previous year as regards both Ebitda and volumes sold. This result was partially obtained thanks to the company Hera Comm Srl being awarded five portions of the default gas distribution service for the period between 1 October and 30 September and mltiservizi portion of the last resort gas service for the period between 1 October and 30 September Compared to the first half ofthe revenue covering the underlying cost of amortisation related to investments made in the reference period for the consolidated first-half report.

The number of gas customers rose by 3. This trend is multlservizi to both marketing actions set in place and the portions of multiservizj gas distribution and last resort gas awarded. The wider customer base was also supported by the acquisition of Gran Sasso Srl, which brought roughly 16, customers. The contribution coming from the new portions awarded amounts to roughly 25, customers. Volumes of gas sold rose by This change is mainly due to growth in trading volumes, which came to The volumes sold to final customers showed a 5.

Note furthermore that the larger amount of portions awarded in the tender for default and last resort gas services allowed the volumes sold in the first half of to increase by roughly Multservizi including these changes in scope of operations, the increase in volumes came to 2. Note that pro forma data has been prepared for June in order to account for both the reclassification of the industrial cogeneration business from the electricity area to the gas area, and the insertion of system charges in the income statement, as for The main reasons for this lie in the sales and trading businesses: This rise was mainly due to greater volumes sold, a higher price of raw materials, a larger amount of trading and the higher cost per unit of energy efficiency certificates.

Requests for new connections in the first half of were similar to those seen in the previous year and thus continued to reflect the overall economic situation. In new district heating connections a slight drop was seen compared to the previous year. Ebitda pertaining to the electricity area grew over the first half ofboth in itself and as a contribution to overall Group Ebitda.