Using the Ethernet port, it is easy to connect and control the UAPg2 through an IP network or direct from a The new generation of ATEIS’ DSP audio processor. Designed for commercial applications, the UAPG2 is the new DSP expandable universal audio processor for medium paging and multi-zone audio routing app. PUBLIC ADDRESS AMPLIFIERS, PA SYSTEMS, MIXERS · LOUDSPEAKERS · VOICE ALARM SYSTEMS · ATEIS VA SYSTEMS · Compact VA System.

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If there is nothing to areis click to execute the installation. Since the only difference of these modules is their number of in- and outputs, let’s take qteis detailed look just to the smallest one, the 4×4. UP to 32 Design presets: After installing hardware connection, powering etc.

Only one message per UAPG2 can be run at a time. Just select if you want the adjustment to the first layer not protected or in the protected layer.

Audio Design Services Limited – ATEIS-UAPg2 4/12 – ATEIS-UAPG2 4/12

The messages use one “Stop Event” linked to the event, to stop the message. The UAPG2 is a comprehensive system which integrates pre-amplifier, compressor-limiter and equalizer, as well as. Click to save in order to store your adjustments in the current Sub Preset you make a kind of photocopy of the adjustments you have selected in this Sub preset.

The control window of the ‘CompLimiter’ module is opened by a double click on the icon in the ‘LAPG2’ design window and appears like this: Click on [Close] to close the window.


In our example, the noise is now louder than during the calibration. Fix the priority of this PPM compared to others. The control window of the ‘PEQ’ module is opened by a double click on the icon in the ‘UAPG2’ atejs window and appears like this example for 6 bands: The UAPG2 includes two types of presets: You can import those groups in the Monitor Window. Don’t forget to click on to store these settings.


Serial number of the PPM connected on this input on which we double clicked. Click on the to open the Wave library.

UAPg2 (Universal Audio Processor generation 2)

This not a redondant network. Page – Use Scheduler to trig Events as message In other words, the signal contains equal power within a fixed bandwidth at any center frequency. With its powerful audio qteis signal processing, the UAPg2 can easily be used in a demanding environment requiring high audio quality. Impressive array of signal processing tools. Each one is a key on the PPMTouch. First, click on “Add” At the right hand corner you can find the usual Windows minimize button and the close box in redwhich exit the program.

The speaking is using a standard dynamic microphone type SM Notch the “third Party” option for the both events. The control window of afeis “Gate – Mono” Without External Power Distance: This number is written on a sticker on the URC. To control a fader, right-click on ateks fader and select “Third Party”.

Sub-Preset Now that we have create the Sub-Preset parameter Sub Preset and Parameters tab chapterwe have to assign this control the sub-presets. Click Yes ageis you want to pilot some settings with your computer.

When the Sidechain input S input goes above the threshold, the gate becomes active and the signal on Input I goes to the output. By default all levels are set to 0 db, which basically means, that all audio signals at the input are mixed with no attenuation and appear like this on every output. With its powerful audio digital signal processing, the UAPG2 can easily be used in a demanding environment for high audio quality.


Indicates which URC you are going to configure. Hold exit and back and push the knob.

ATEIS UAPg2 User Manual

These keys are displayed on three pages, available with the Page buttons. The aupg2 is connected to the channel 2 of the “Input A” Loud sounds over a certain threshold are reduced in level while quiet sounds remain untreated. By double clicking on the Ducker icon the following window appears: Here are all the tools you can use for signal processing and for Audio routing etc. Page of Go. An analogue input can control a component’s parameter only if his corresponding component’s input and output are linked to something in the design.

We are going to introduce you every items.

To access these windows double click the processors icon in the ‘System’ window or choose: The component contains two Tabs: Here you can see the list of your events. You cannot choose between NO and NC. Paging activity Light up when the paging is active. After the determination of which type and how many units would make up your network, you can start designing signal paths with all the exiting features the huge component library offers simply by drag and drop and connect different audio component.

You can change the name in the Label space. Then into the message storage component, choose the Event Settings tab: