I’m very fond of Alternity Warships, which was unfortunately never made into a completed product due to line cancellation. I was rather. All of the warships. All of the warships. Trending pages. Ethiopian aircraft carrier Haile Selassie (Alternity). All items (13). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N. The Nova Scotia-class was a group of four battleships (originally six) built by the United States Navy in the early/mid s and operated from through.

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Watships 1 to 10 of I’m very fond of Alternity Warships, which was unfortunately never made into a completed product due to line cancellation. I was rather disappointed with d20 Future’s starship rules, which were far too simple and took the “abstract” thing a bit too far.

They’re also warsships unrealistic even for a sci-fi starship idea. So, I’m thinking of taking Alternity Warships and d20 Future’s starships chapter and causing them to collide in true H-Bomb fashion mushroom cloud and all. Has anyone else attempted to tackle this daunting task? I’ve been looking at replacing the D20 Future starship rules. I’ve not look at Warships in a while but it seem like it would be a better fit than the T20 rules. I wouldn’t get to this anytime soon, but it doesn’t look difficult.

How much of the Warships book were you looking to convert? Converting chapter 3 Narrative combatlook like simply changing a few skill names would get it working. You could almost do this on the fly. Chapter 1 Basic combat looks almost as easy, though I’m sure there are a few warshlps that a closer reading would reveal. Chapter 2 Advanced combat looks really much harder and tied to the altrenity construction rules in chapter warehips.

This is what would take a fair amount of time.

Why not use Alternity Warship as is? I mean, I wouldn’t mind a different set of rules when only starships are involved, keeping the d20 rules for everything else. I agree that the d20 Future rules on starships are awful.

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I have yet to see anyone on these boards who doesn’t, which is a strong indication that the entire starships chapter of d20 Future was a huge, embarrassing mistake that is a mockery of the quality I’d expect of a d20 Modern supplement made by the Wizards themselves.

Compartments actually made combat take longer. You couldn’t aim well altwrnity your target there were ways of trying better through the assistance of the sensor operator, but wadships still weren’t any good at it.

You ended up spreading the damage over multiple compartments until you blew up something important. It also made ship design take much longer. Compartments also had alterniyy impact on crew.

d20 Future + Alternity Warships–anyone else done this?

Anytime you hit a compartment, crew inside took damage Ordinary damage, assuming the attacking ship used Amazing weapons. Unfortunately, then you were supposed to calculate the damage the crew took after armor, and since they were probably wearing soft-esuits, this meant yet another dice roll.

When Alternity characters took enough damage, they took penalties to dice rolls, which meant more bookkeeping and, oh yeah, meant you weren’t supposed to ignore this. But that’s not the worst part. Warshpis Warships came along, most DMs did not know how to alternitt crew. If you hit the engineering compartment, how many people were in there?

If there’s more, then maybe someone rolled lucky on armor and isn’t dazed, and so they take over if the chief engineer got dazed. Or something like that. The Warships crew alterrnity were only useful for larger ships at which point using many compartments and many crew members would cause combat to crawl.

Alternity Warships did size a bit better than D20 Future did. Akternity did Star Wars, but it’s rules made even less sense when it came to putting ships together.

I think D20 Future should have started out using Star Wars size categories. Join Date Jul Posts alterinty I have done some work on this problem.

Warships (Alternity)

Here are some notes on conversion and compatibility I have generated: What I decided to do was bite the bullet and use the Warships system for weapon damage, ship durability and armor strength. I appended Jason Bernstein’s Warships spreadsheet to generate a ship data sheet which was an amalgam between d20 and Warships: You would also enter the pertinent stats of actual party members and assign them to stations.


Some fudging has been done to approximate a conversion of Defense rating, though this can be adjusted. Unfortunately, I have not gone and codified exactly what these amalgam rules would then be, but here are at least a broad idea of what I have in mind: The stations can be assigned to PCs in my modification of the spreadsheet. Generic crew members for tasks not handled by PCs are as per crew quality rules in d20 Future.

That way, the accelleration stat in megameters per phase is equal to the number of km squares per d20 round. Missiles must also accellerate and maneuver to reach their targets with an acc of 6 and a maneuverabilty of 5, which is handled on the turns of the gunners who fired them.

Alternity – A Science Fiction Roleplaying Game by Sasquatch Game Studio LLC — Kickstarter

Movement occurs on the pilot’s turn, and any maneuvers will require a full-round action. This was necessary to be able to use the Warships damage system in full. The explanation for how this is compatible is given here: The attack roll is based on: Note that accuracy modifiers for Warships systems are converted to d20 modifiers by the expedient of multiplying the step-die number by -2 — the justification for which conversion is also given in the above link.

The pilot’s defense modifier covers this. Note that this has not been playtested.

The ultimate plan had been to convert my d20 Starship generator linked to in my. You’ve already done some of my homework for me.

Your notes should prove a useful reference as I continue my work. If I find any ways to work around the problems you encountered especially regarding scaling of damage from AWS to d20FI’ll let you know.

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