In this course, students will gain an understanding of the concepts of object- oriented programming and develop business applications with ABAP Objects. BC ABAP – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Goal of the ABAP Objects (BC) course is to strengthen your ABAP skills by gaining a full understanding of object-oriented programming techniques.

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Fill in the UML diagram on the next page. Skip to main content.

Bc Abap Objects Pdf Free Download

Internal tables can be converted if their row type can be converted. VALUE must be bc41 type i. The values are converted to numeric type objects. The kind component of the work area need not be filled. Then a method is called that receives the content of the internal table and its structure. If you insert the new line in exactly the right place in a sorted table, the system performs the operation.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The relationship can be described by the words “consists of” or “is a part of”.

The structure and behavior of similar objects are defined in their shared class. A friend of a superclass is therefore not automatically a friend of its subclasses. Decide for yourself how to fill the attributes. In this case, the content of wa is not changed.


A public static component could then make the reference to the class available to an external user. The fact that a class implements an interface is represented by a dotted line with a three-sided arrow from the class to the interface.

If the system could not read the line, the return code sy-subrc is unequal to 0. There are special comparison operators for strings, which you can use in logical expressions in a aabpto search more flexibly for character sequences in a character string. They emphasize the timing sequence of method calls.

BC401 – ABAP Objects

In the example above, the similarities between the gc401, bus, and truck classes are extracted to the vehicle superclass. In order to still be able to address the instance attribute, you need to use me. In this case, you normally have to pass function codes as well.

When the loop runs out of components, the program reads the next data record. If such an exception occurs at runtime and is not either handled or passed along, a runtime error occurs. This dynamically generated data object does not have its own name; it can only be addressed using the data reference variable.


The last byte is reserved for the plus or minus sign. Note, however, that only digits are permissible as characters.

You abpa also specify the key components either statically or dynamically as the contents of a table containing the component names.

BC ABAP Objects – PDF Drive

Terminate the program if the function module raises an exception. This makes it possible to assign a table line to this field symbol. In this case, you can specify the abp type dynamically: This data object can contain a pointer to another data object at runtime. All constants and type names must have the name of the type group as a prefix.

Szkolenia SAP

If n-1 is greater than the number of lines in the internal table, the line is not inserted. You need to create names for other texts. The car rental company wants to be informed of completion; the car is registered at the vehicle registration office. All parameters can be passed by value or reference. This relationship cb401 the object, which container it should be included in.